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This huge, romantic bloom has ruffly, flouncy petals of glistening white with tips that are softly brushed in raspberry to pink. It is shown standing alone in the landscape pot wrapped in red paper. It rises up to 20"-25", each bulb produces 1-2 stems with 3-5 flowers (6 in the first one that bloomed for me and was modelling for the pictures). The stems do not come out simultaneously - the second stem is barely noticeable. So the overall bloom period will be at least couple months. $15 in the landscape pot, $20 in the moss wrapped reusable pot.


The Minerva Amaryllis is a striking beauty with its large red flower that has a white star center and a lime green throat. Minerva's eye-catching flowers measure up to 8" across and make a big impact. For the one modelling on this page, the first stem got bent and I thought it would be lost. But it bloomed with 5 beautiful flowers. When the second tall and straight stem opened, the overall picture looked like a lush tropical bouquet. It is rather tall- 28" for the one shown.

Read the care instructions here.


Peruvian amaryllis 'Picasso' was advertised at wholesale sites as the easiest and fastest one to force to bloom at Christmas. Did not work for me! But when it finally bloomed, I remembered why I ordered this one - it has the most unusual coloring of them all! Pure white with smattering of crimson sprinkles within its crisp crimson  edges - what could be more Christmas-y? It is also considered to be one of the most fragrant of Amaryllis! In terms of the smell, do not expect much unless you stick your nose deep into the center of the flower and  then you could smell its  very delicate aroma. And get your nose generously colored by the pollen in the process.

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